Welcome to My Fragrance-Free Workplaces Blog

Smoking disappeared from public places not only because state legislatures or city governments banned it, but because a rising tide of people began to argue that secondhand smoke was damaging the health of millions of people. I’m convinced that within a few years the use of fragrances in all forms will almost disappear from the public scene. Why am I so optimistic?

Here’s one major reason. People smoke because they are addicted. They wear perfume to attract others. When those who wear perfume or cologne or clothing reeking of scented laundry products realize how many people they encounter are repelled by fragrances, they will soon change that behavior. A study published in 2009 showed this result that will help persuade people that fragrance doesn’t attract everyone:

30.5% of the general population reported that they found being next to someone wearing a scented product irritating.
Caress, Stanley M., Steinemann, Anne C. “Prevalence of Fragrance Sensitivity in the American Population” Journal of Environmental Health 71 (March 2009):46-50.

The fragrance-free workplace movement has as its ultimate goal the reduction of the use of fragranced products in not only workplaces but in hospitals, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, places of worship, HUD housing, and other apartment buildings. My posts, which will probably occur every day or two, will address these areas.

These blog posts will cover a variety of topics. Some will discuss important scientific research in the field, and some will describe my mailings to members of Congress, governors, and members of state legislatures. Other blog posts will consist primarily of excerpts from my books and documentaries on fragrance sensitivity and the wider condition of multiple chemical sensitivity, or MCS. These eye-witness accounts in their own voices from people who write with humor, despair, and often an indomitable spirit about how their lives have been so disrupted in ways they could never have imagined will be an essential part of my blogs.