Debbie’s reaction to pot smoke exposure

I go into anaphylaxis with exposure to secondhand pot smoke. This has happened several times, and I have been rushed to four different ER’s.  I always need two EPI pins (within 15 minutes). I have run into disbelief on the part of some of my medical personnel, and I don’t always get the immediate appropriate treatment. 

I also react to the residue left on a person who has recently smoked pot or has been with someone who smoked it. I seem to have a hypersensitive ability to smell it; I always lose my voice prior to developing anaphylaxis symptoms. 

I have written to my local Member of Parliament and did not get any satisfaction regarding my rights and safety as someone who has such an adverse reaction to pot. Ontario’s upcoming legalization is a major concern. 

We need statistics recorded. Nothing angers me more than all the pro-cannabis people saying that no one has ever died from it and then making light of my anaphylaxis reaction or denying its reality.