An Important Lawsuit in Michigan Addresses the Secondhand Pot Smoke Issue


I urge you to watch the following news clip:

Toward the end of the segment one of the lawyers says: “We’re not saying the tenants can’t smoke at all. We’re not even saying they can’t smoke on the premises. They just have to walk outside and they have to smoke their cigarettes or other substances there and everything would be fine.” 

Unfortunately, the situation is not that simple, as the two statements below that I have received in the last few days illustrate.

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Violet in Texas sent me this message, which illustrates that many people who live in a separate house develop strong symptoms when nearby neighbors smoke pot.

I struggle to find places of employment and public places that are fragrance free or at least do not have the auto sprayers (which I suffered exposure from at the movie theater, restaurant, doctor’s office, and book store recently). When I worked for the city, the supervisor and HR staff had “never heard of” asthma triggered by low levels of fragrance. Let’s change that!

The neighbors who live immediately next to me in a tightly spaced suburban neighborhood smoke cigarettes daily and they smoke pot regularly. Their dealer drives up to their curb, leaves his car running, delivers the pot, and within hours you can smell the burning skunky scent indoors and outdoors. 

If I am outdoors when the neighbors smoke marijuana, my symptoms increase as the smoke increases over the period of an hour or so. I immediately have serious trouble breathing, heavy post-nasal drip, sinus drainage down my throat, throbbing sinus headache, nausea, and dizziness. Even if I immediately leave my yard and go back indoors, my symptoms will continue. I will still have an asthma attack, my sinuses will become increasingly irritated and swollen internally, and my throat will begin to swell closed from the exposure. I will continue to smell the smoke and feel sick for hours because it blows into my home and lingers.

On days when they smoke while I am indoors, I cannot go outdoors due to the known health consequences. I also experience serious asthma, sinus symptoms, and slight dizziness. This happens from the smoke being blown into my home from my neighbor’s yard.

The more times I am unwillingly exposed to pot smoke, the worse my asthma seems to become over time. I think second-hand pot smoke is directly damaging my lungs.

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A woman named Glenda sent this message, which also addresses the issue of reacting to the pot smoke of neighbors smoking near her house:

I had neighbors who used to smoke pot in their yard next door. They have moved now. They also smoked cigarettes. Pot causes just as much pain for me as regular cigarettes and wood smoke do. 

I have damaged nerves on the right side of my head, and as soon as they are irritated I am in pain. Sometimes it turns into a migraine, and it takes a day or two for me to get over the migraine. I had to go inside and close up my house every time they did smoked pot.

I also feel bad for people who have children who are constantly bombarded by their parents’ smoke and can do nothing about it. My Dad smoked regular cigarettes the entire time I was growing up. It used to make me sick all of the time, and I didn’t have the sensitivity then that I do now. I also had problems with people smoking at work before they changed the rules to eliminate that.